“This masterfully written book lays out how lean can transform your life and your organisation. An absolute must read.”

Paul Akers, author of 2 Second Lean

2nd Edition Update in English now available on amazon, audible, PDF download and the Lean Play App!

About Tom

Improvement Starts With I” describes how the author Tom Hughes came to correct his fundamental misunderstanding of Lean. Even after 30 years of using the tools & techniques, including a 10 year stint in automotive working directly with Toyota, Nissan & Honda, he had the same mistaken perception that many Lean practitioners have, that Lean is about a collection of complicated, engineer-driven tools. The flipcharts, graphs, audits and workshops might be effective but they are about as much as fun as a trip to the dentist.”

After discovering 2 Second Lean, Tom had an epiphany and worked with different companies on delivering Lean culture transformations. He developed a simple framework to deliver Engagement, Improvements and Results with a 5 step plan that, when followed, will put the stabilisers on your Lean Journey, and help you avoid the potholes into which countless other companies have fallen. Tom is a partner at Lumen Electronics and co-founder at GembaDocs but he is  open to coaching assignments / speaking engagements with organisations of all sizes who recognise that IMPROVEMENT STARTS WITH I. Packages can be tailored to match all budgets. Tom loves this stuff and wants to transform as many workplaces as possible!

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We had been trying to implement lean for about 18 months with some degree of success but we were really struggling with it. The moment I started reading Tom’s book, everything became clear. The book is full simple and practical advice with real life experiences and stories.

Paul Nolan
Adman Steel Sheds

One of the most difficult aspects about lean is to change the way you lead. Many lean books are heavy on the theory, but light on the application. “Improvement starts with I” combines the theory with real world application. Tom has extensive knowledge on leading numerous companies through lean transformations. His no-nonsense approach provides clear direction and actionable steps to move your company forward. If you want to take your lean leadership to the next level, “improvement starts with I” is a must read.

Brannon Burton
Sunroc Corporation

Improvement starts with gives you a framework on how to implement a vibrant Lean culture into any organization. It is the “how to manual” to the concepts in ‘2 second Lean’ by Paul A. Akers. Tom takes you by the hand and tells you how you should take on, one of the most difficult tasks any professional will ever face: Implementing a Lean culture. What I like about the book: That it is to the point, easy to understand and practical. Whit this book Tom sets the standard on how to implement a vibrant lean culture in under a year. It is a truly exceptional read!

Andries Overweg
Uconsultants, Netherlands

Tom has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and expertise in Lean Methodology which can be seen first hand in his business and people.

Brian McAreavy
Clearhill, Northern Ireland


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